Seasonings and Rubs

Seasonings & Rubs from MoonShadows Farm

Seasonings and Rubs to make your meals come alive!

Tired of those same old meals? Well, now you can make them come alive! We've taken some of the finest spices and come up with a diverse line of seasonings and rubs we know you will enjoy over and over again on your steaks, roasts, chops, and burgers. You can even sprinkle some on your fresh or roasted vegetables. Great on or in potatoes. Add to your homemade soups and slow cooker meals for some extra flavor. Want to make that sandwich something special, just add a dash of our Butcher's Blend Favorites. There's no end to the way you can use our superior Buther's Blend Seasoning & Rubs.

Specially Blended Seasonings and Rubs for a burst of flavor