Personal Care

All Natural Plant Based Personal Care

Our bar soaps are all natural, made with basic organic ingredients. Our scents are pure essential oils; our colorants are herbs; and our preservatives are plant extracts. Our soaps contain no no synthetic fragrances, colorants, or preservatives.

Our luxurious Hand & Body Washes and Lotions are all natural with nothing but 100% pure plant-based ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils. They contain absolutely No petroleum products, parabens, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, formaldehyde or sodium lauryl sulfate. They will keep you skin healthy, radiant and free from harmful chemicals.

And, our Shea Butter is perfect for anyone who loves their skin and wants to keep it healthy and vibrant. Shea Butter heals, moisturizes and protects all types of skin. It enhances skin tone, cures a variety of blemishes and defects and even heals dry and chapped lips.

Natural personal care products so good your skin will thank you!