Hickory BBQ Sauce

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This original sauce is savory-sweet and has a wonderful blend of spices in a sweet tomato base that perfectly balances the savory hickory taste. You'll find it a delectable excuse to fire up the grill.

Net Wt. 19 ounces

Ingredients:Ketchup, Brown Sugar, Vinegar, Molasses, Natural
Hickory Smoke, Mustard, Chili Powder, Modified Food Starch,
Garlic Powder, Spices

Nutritional Information:
Serving Size 2 tbsp. (33g)
Servings Per Container: 16

Amount Per Serving:
Calories 45
Total Fat <0.5g
Sodium 320g
Total Carbohydrates 12g
Sugars 12g
Protein 0g